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Each year, we grant over 20 scholarships to graduating seniors to attend their institutions of choice.  Over the years we have helped hundreds of students.

  • “There is no doubt in my mind that UCLA is the right place for me, or that music education is the right educational path for me. This quarter has been extremely challenging academically, socially and emotionally, but I’m seeing an incredible amount of growth in myself as a result. I can’t thank you enough for supporting my continued education and for giving me the absolute best high school to come home to.” - Sophia Buraglio CHS ‘19

  • “I am happy to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed my time so far at UC Davis. These past few months have been a significant and challenging life transition, but now I feel that I’m truly at home here. I would like to thank the Carmel High School Foundation for investing in my future and allowing me to access these opportunities.” Harrison Bolton CHS ‘19

  • “In my opinion, this first semester was a major success. I am so grateful that I have been given this great opportunity to study and prepare for a lifelong journey of nursing. I would not be on this grand adventure without the gracious gift from the CHS Scholarship Committee.” Colleen Lang CHS ‘19

  • “I must say, many of my experiences at CHS have paid off significantly even in my first quarter. In particular, my experience in Mock Trial (for which I was awarded this scholarship) was extremely helpful when it came time to deliver a public speech as part of my Biotechnology and Society Cluster course. The set of skills that I learned in that club are something I will undoubtedly carry with me for the rest of my life, regardless of whether I will end up participating in Mock Trial again in the future. I am very grateful for my time and experiences at CHS and for this scholarship.” Jacob Matiyevsky CHS ‘19

Ron Stoney Educational Pathways Program

The Ron Stoney Educational Pathways Program (RSEPP) provides the resources that help students with financial need to pursue their dreams through an awards process that opens the door to life-changing extra-curricular educational experiences.

In 2019, CHSF funded programs spanning the areas of Phlebotomy Training, A National Leadership Conference in Journalism and Media Arts, an Advanced Emergency Medicine Program at Stanford, a Leadership Camp, The Thirst Project Summit, WE Day and the Cal State Summer School for Math and Science (COSMOS). All of these programs were of deep significance to the participating students and helped them determine their life directions.

An attendee at UC Berkeley’s program in film and journalism, Lryic, experienced such a transformative experience. “I realized how much I loved learning in the college environment and I now want to study journalism so I can work in the news business. I never could have attended this program without the help of the RSEPP and I know it shaped my future career path.

  • Who is Ron Stoney?

    Almost 70 years ago, a Carmel High School Biology teacher offered an internship to one of her students for work with Stanford post-doctoral students at Hopkins Marine Station. That scientific research experience changed his life. He went on to become a highly honored vascular surgeon who saved countless lives. That student’s name was Ron Stoney, who is now retired and still working tirelessly as a volunteer helping Carmel High School students. In his honor, Carmel High School Foundation has launched a program to provide CHS students with similar life-changing educational opportunities.