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Each year, we grant over 20 scholarships to graduating seniors to attend their institutions of choice.  Over the years we have helped hundreds of students.

Selene, a Carmel High School Foundation (CHSF) scholarship award recipient, was a student at Carmel High School when she applied for a scholarship. Part of her letter:

Every aspect of the hospital intrigues me. Hearing the rhythmic sound of a person’s heartbeat, the antiseptic smell of cleanliness, and watching the white lab coats, and blue scrubs run up and down the hospital hallways assures me every time of what I want to do. A nurse told me, ‘I believe that nurses are born to be nurses, and they know when they have been chosen.’ In that very moment, I was convinced that after going to a four-year college, I would be returning to a place similar to this—not as a patient, but as a registered nurse.

Having been born into a Spanish-speaking home, Selene struggled during her first years of school while learning English. Her parents had to go to work when they were very young and weren’t able to finish high school, so college aspirations were new territory in her family. She made the Dean’s Honor Roll in her first semester of college while taking 17 units, was elected to the Residence Hall Council, and volunteers in a hospital ICU. As she says, "I know that I am here because of all the people who supported me at Carmel High School.”

Daniel, another CHSF scholarship recipient, is now in university pursuing International Relations with a concentration on Security Studies.

I am very thankful for the support, scholarships, and community which helped me get here and I am determined fulfill my aspiration to improve diplomatic and economic relations between nations.

Ron Stoney Educational Pathways Program

The Ron Stoney Educational Pathways Program (RSEPP) provides the possibility for any student at CHS to pursue his or her dreams through a awards process that opens the door to unique educational experiences.

In 2018 CHSF helped make it possible for students to attend and perform a multi-media music, poetry and dance presentation at WE Day, an important national social justice conference in Los Angeles, introduction to professional firefighting, and a class to determine interest in nursing  -  all of these of deep significance to the participating students, helping them to determine their life directions.

Attendance at the elite World Championship of Mock Trials is an example – the Empire New York Tournament. The Mock Trial Program is an exciting law-related educational program that introduces high school students to the American legal system. Additionally, students develop critical thinking and public speaking skills. In 2017 the CHS team won the national championship.

  • Who is Ron Stoney?

    Almost 70 years ago, a Carmel High School Biology teacher offered an internship to one of her students for work with Stanford post-doctoral students at Hopkins Marine Station. That scientific research experience changed his life. He went on to become a highly honored vascular surgeon who saved countless lives. That student’s name was Ron Stoney, who is now retired and still working tirelessly as a volunteer helping Carmel High School students. In his honor, Carmel High School Foundation has launched a program to provide CHS students with similar life-changing educational opportunities.